Our Mission is Change


Our name is our mission. But, why? What about food needs changing? Food is a fundamental aspect of our lives. It is as old as humanity itself. Food is integral to our culture. Sharing food is how we express care and love for one another, it is how we bond with our tribes and define who we are as people. Food is how we ensure the future for ourselves, our families and our communities. Food is safety, food is enjoyment, food is love.

Since the dawn of the agricultural revolution, humanity has been producing food in ever more efficient and creative ways. The bounty of products, cuisines and creativity is inspiring. And yet, there is a problem. The way we produce food through industrialized processes and our reliance on animal-based foods globally has created a massive imbalance between humanity’s appetite and Earth’s ability to supply it. With nearly 8 billion humans, we have already crossed over 4 out of 9 planetary boundaries – processes that regulate the stability of the planet’s climate and ecosystems .

Food production already uses half of the world’s habitable land, contributes over a quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions and demands 70% of global freshwater resources. Agriculture is the leading source of ocean and freshwater pollution, biodiversity loss and deforestation. Animal agriculture, specifically, plays an outsized role in climate degradation, consuming the vast majority of agricultural land and water resources, while providing just 18% of global calories.

The way we feed ourselves today is simply not sustainable. Food, therefore, is one of the critical pillars of tackling climate change and maintaining a livable planet for all of us. Our food system needs a change.

This is why we are here. We believe in humanity’s ability to tackle this problem through innovation. To take a clear-eyed look at the situation at hand and work together to create new solutions that enable all of us to move forward in a sustainable direction. We believe that human ingenuity and our ability to bring solutions to propel humanity forward, much like in all major revolutions of the past, be it agrarian, industrial, or technological.

We are at the cusp of the next revolution in food – a major breakthrough in our ability to create nutritious and tasty foods that can satisfy our appetites for dairy foods at a fraction of Earth’s resources, because we no longer require animals to be farmed for food. This technology is called precision fermentation. It stems from millennia-old fermentation techniques of using microorganisms to preserve foods, but with a few incredible upgrades, of course.

We know the journey will be hard. We know there will be naysayers and critics. We are up for the challenge.


We believe in speaking the truth, no matter how inconvenient.

We believe in devoting ourselves to working on real solutions, no matter how challenging.

We believe in moving forward, no matter the comfort of the past.


Together, we can change foods and do our part in creating a sustainable future.