We (re)create real dairy foods that delight the taste buds, nourish people and sustain the planet, by using the magic of microbes instead of animals.

Why Change?

It takes a whole lot of
resources and unkind
practices to make the dairy
foods we enjoy today.

We dream of a world with a
thriving and sustainable food
system that is kind to people,
animals and the planet.

So we are pioneering a new era in dairy with one revolutionary change… no cows.

Our approach does not
rely on destructive animal
agriculture, and uses only
a fraction of Earth’s
resources – saving
animals, consciences, and
our planet one delicious
cheesy bite at a time.

Why Cheese?

Of all the great plant-based alternatives available today, there’s nothing that really matches the gooey, stretchy, melty goodness of traditional dairy cheese.

Until now, that is…

How we do it

We harness the power of microbes to create real dairy proteins, fats, and flavors through precision fermentation.

We then utilize traditional cheesemaking techniques to turn them into cheese that tastes, stretches, and melts just as you’d expect.

No cows required!


We select microbes, like
yeast, and encode them
with dairy protein DNA


These microbes are placed in
a fermentation tank, just like
those used to brew beer,
where they eat simple
plant-based nutrients and
sugars to grow.


During the fermentation
process, these select
microbes produce
proteins, identical to
those found in dairy milk.


We filter out our chosen
proteins and create a pure milk
protein concentrate, that can be
used to create our favorite dairy
products such as cheese, yogurt
and ice cream.


You get to enjoy animal-free
dairy foods that taste
and function just like their
animal-based predecessors.

Better still, by keeping the cows blissfully uninvolved, we can ensure our cheese contains all the good stuff and none of the nasties.

Yes to protein, calcium, and deliciousness. Hold the cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics.

Meet the Team

We all have the power to make positive change. The smallest personal change can ripple into changes among friends, communities, and our planet. Everything you eat, every product you buy, is also a vote for what you believe in.

David Bucca

Founder & CEO

Visionary Change Agent

It is the opportunity of a lifetime to develop cutting-edge precision fermentation technology to provide a viable alternative to unsustainable modern animal agriculture.

Junior Te’o, PhD

Co-founder & CTO

The Microbe Magician

Reasonable, rational people never change the world. You have to be a little bit crazy to believe in a different future, and take bold steps to make it happen.

Irina Gerry


Momentum Creator

To create meaningful change, we cannot focus our energy on reforming the old. We must dedicate ourselves to building the new.

Luis Espinoza


Chief Cheese Maker

Now that we understand the impact our food systems have on the planet, we have a responsibility to end our reliance on industrialized animal agriculture.

Sacha Baker

SVP, Chief of Staff

Change (M)VP

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